APIM Therapeutics is developing a pipeline of peptide compounds engineered to penetrate cells and target PCNA both at the nucleus and at the cytoplasm. These compounds are particularly relevant for the treatment of hyper-proliferative disorders including cancer.

ATX-101, the company’s current lead compound is currently being developed for the treatment of several cancer indications either alone or in combination with selected anti-cancer agents. The drug pipeline of APIM Therapeutics is presented below. ATX-101's clinical development program will comprise a phase I/IIa study in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (intravesical administration) and a phase I/IIa study in advanced cancer patients (intravenous administration). Both studies are planned within 2016.

Drug Pipeline

To access more information on the mechanism of action and a summary of key data, follow this link.

Drug Pipeline

Mechanism of Action & Key Data


APIM Therapeutics‘s Flyer

APIM THerapeutics Snapshot Download this pdf for a summary of the company and contact information. View also recent scientific posters presented in the TAT 2016 and AACR Precision series 2016 conferences.