First-In-Class, Clinical-Stage Drug Candidate, ATX-101, Targeting Stress Responses in Cancer

About us

APIM Therapeutics AS is a venture-capital financed biotech spin-off from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU, Trondheim).

The company targets a novel therapeutic intervention point shown to be critical in the regulation of cellular responses to stress and in tumor evasion from therapy. ATX-101, our lead drug candidate is currently being tested in a phase I clinical study in advanced cancer patients.

Drug Pipeline

APIM Therapeutics AS is developing a pipeline of peptide drugs that target PCNA-dependent stress responses in cancer cells.

media center

Media Center

APIM Therapeutics presents data from the on-going phase I study of ATX-101 in the ASCO Annual Meeting, see News.

Business Development

By exploiting a novel therapeutic target, our vision is to develop novel single agent & combinatorial cancer treatments with the potential to address serious unmet patient needs.